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Zombero Apk Mod (Menu Mod)

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Mod Info

  1. MOD Menu
  2. God Mode
  3. High Damage

Game Info

  • File Size: 71 MB
  • Version: 1.14.1

Zombero organizes quality gunfights to defeat the entire number of zombies left in the virtual world built by the game. With a series of new daily missions, players will have more opportunities to receive unique gifts from the system. The images on the device screen are simulated to give you the same feeling as when you were experiencing the game on a Roguelike shooter.

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The new chapter of the experience content has been updated so that the combat is not interrupted. The new skills that come with the Samurai warrior’s appearance will make your hero list more options. The rewards will soon be added by the system and sent to you right after completing the task.

All heroes appearing in Zombero’s roster are freely adjusted and power-upgraded at your request. Each player will work on improving the battle outfit to equip the selected character’s weapon. Each archive will spawn newly introduced equipment and powerful weapons suitable for the match. You can upgrade the damage of an attack or improve the protection of an existing shield. All you need is a lot of coins to upgrade and buy new items you like. The exclusive perks for the winners will also be raised as the player passes the created levels. The strength inside each warrior will help them complete their assigned tasks well.

The arenas used by Zombero to challenge famous places in the world. It can be an abandoned old city or a neighborhood with extremely beautiful technological equipment. The zombies that are your opponents will appear as soon as the match starts. They attack the player in certain waves and can easily create traps when you are not paying attention. With direct control by finger operation on the touch screen, players can rotate the character and control them according to their wishes. Great tactics such as fleeing, facing, or attacking from afar will be applied in a warrior’s way. Don’t forget that system rewards are still waiting for you to claim.

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