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Block! Hexa Puzzle™ Apk Mod (Auto Win, No Ads)

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  • Version: 23.0223.09

Block! Hexa Puzzle Mod APK provides puzzles based on a grid of puzzle pieces. Players can only complete the challenge if they match their original shape. The colorful fragments will be arranged on the grid in turn. However, players will struggle if they are unable to rotate them. You will have to pause more when confronted with difficult puzzles. Solving them will provide you with hours of entertainment. Players must solve all puzzles to improve their brain thinking abilities.

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Players can begin their Block! Hexa Puzzle™ adventure with simple puzzles. Colorful puzzle pieces will be distributed to players, and they assist you in filling in the grid’s gaps. Each puzzle piece will be an important component in completing your puzzle. The game will begin with simple components. Later on, players will face more difficult puzzles. You will be subjected to various content tests to free your mind. Players can combine logical thinking with flexible finger manipulation to complete the challenge as quickly as possible. We don’t put a time limit on these puzzle tasks in particular.

Each grid will contain several puzzle pieces. Players will, however, receive a pack containing various pieces. They will be revealed once you begin receiving challenges. Their grid positions will default to make room for them all. The player cannot rotate the pieces to place them in the missing position, and you will have to test the appropriateness of the junctions several times. The grid will break when you finish the puzzle, allowing you to proceed to the next quest. Blockades appearing on the grid may force you to abandon the game due to a lack of available positions. We do not limit turns, so players can try and fail numerous times before succeeding.


In Block! Hexa Puzzle™, your brain will perform the task of determining the correct move. Furthermore, the brain’s commands will be carried out by the hands. You can use these two together to defeat the game’s challenge easily. As you progress through the journey to discover the puzzle pieces, the puzzles will become more difficult. With each successful game, the player receives a coin reward right away. We provide a good playground to keep your brain’s reasoning and imagination active. Players must place the puzzle pieces in their proper positions to wait for the grid to be released. The system will record and display your accomplishments the next time you visit.

Block! Hexa Puzzle™ contains straightforward but engaging content about intellectual puzzle pieces. Players can improve their reflexes and reasoning when participating in the puzzle journey. The system employs cutting-edge graphics technology to generate thousands of puzzles. Each game is a beautiful blend of color and light. We’ll show some advertisements for similar games. When you watch these trailers, you can see more new entertainment content. In addition, when the player cannot solve the puzzle on his or her own, the system provides some helpful hints. However, the number of hints will be limited, so you will not be able to rely on them. You can get one pass by watching an ad if you want to increase the number of hints.

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