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Merge Villa Apk Mod (Menu Mod)


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  1. Add Money
  2. Add Gems

Game Info

  • File Size: 125 M
  • Version: 1.52.680

Merge Villa is an arcade puzzle game in which the player will help the main character to restore the house of the grandparents. The action of the story will take place after the devastating tsunami that struck including the mansion of the progenitors of the girls. For elimination of consequences of natural disasters and the recovery of the estate, the player will have to combine the same tools and gradually return to the rooms and premises in pristine condition. Along with this he will be able to learn many of the secrets regarding the family and the home the heroine.

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Alice needs your help! A tsunami destroyed everything, and now she must renovate her grandparents mansion and bring comfort back to the family home. With your help, the building can be restored better than it was before! Open the gates and let this unforgettable adventure begin!

Merge items into the useful tools that will help you to renovate and decorate the many rooms of the mansion that were destroyed. Repair and design the house with luxurious exterior and interior furniture and make it like new. Use your designer’s vision to create a unique home with your own sense of style and creativity.

Unlock new rooms and give them a total makeover. No one will even remember that there was a tsunami in the first place! Every part of the house has a new secret for you to reveal and you’ll have so much fun solving the Villa’s many puzzles. Complete tasks and earn rewards, that will help you with the restoration. Gain experience and level up to become the Merge Villa master!

You don’t have to do it all alone. Become friends with new characters on your adventure that will help you with the renovation, and don’t forget about your four-legged friends! Take care of the animals and help your pets by giving them a nice place to live. Care for fluffy puppies and cute kittens, as you work to build them a loving home.

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