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Black Border - simulation of the officer of the border guard service, responsible for checking people crossing. In the role of a border guard at a checkpoint, the player will check everyone who wants to go to the other side of a person. For a successful validation, the user should be familiar with the passport and a photo , to compare the information about the anthropometric and external data check the available documents, also it is necessary to prevent the carrying of weapons and other dangerous items. Quality inspection sure to be rewarded by the authorities of the frontier.

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Black Border Game is a top-rated simulation game developed by Bitzooma Game Studio, a professional indie game developer. Have you ever wished to be a real policeman to face and perform many dangerous situations? This game will allow you to do that. The game possesses a huge character system, with rich features, promising to bring you an experience that cannot be more wonderful.


In Black Border, you will be playing the role of a patrolman in the border gate of the same border. Your task is with this character to check all passengers moving here, check the documents, and check the attached items. It seems simple, but the game gives you many difficult challenges, such as dealing with wanted criminals and preventing banned substances or counterfeiters.

Not only stopping there, but the game also increases the drama when adding many interesting details. In guarding this border region, players also discover many thrilling stories, funny situations, and dark wars in the underworld. The gameplay takes place at a slow pace but equally as rolling, requiring players to be really alert and focused in every move.


To avoid illegal border crossings and prevent drug trafficking. The most important thing that players need to do is to check each person’s information in the papers carefully. First, check your first and last name, date of birth. Second, compare the weight and height of each person. Third, check the expiration date of the entry documents, passports. Fourth, check all the accessories that come with it. Finally, check faces and identifying features.

In Black Border, the Screen will automatically display the Discrepancy Declaration for you to control and compare the information easily. After completing the inspection procedure, if the player discovers illegal situations, criminals posing as civilians cannot allow these passengers to cross the border. All of this process takes place in an inspection booth, the plot of the story will be played out according to the conversation between the patrol character and the passengers.


In the city of Altai City where you are working, there are two main factions. The first is the opposition – an organization that works underground to overthrow dictatorial and corrupt rulers who are abetting criminals for profit. They stood up for power and liberated this city. Which side will you choose? Join the opposition to live for the cause or continue to work for the current country. Any subsequent storyline of the game will depend on your decisions.

However, to survive in this city, you must hide your identity to avoid being exposed to preserve your life when contacting either faction. If you have identified the faction you want to join, the next thing you need to do is send encrypted messages to your organization through the implementation of mini-games. This is also extremely important for you to discover many dark stories surrounding this city.


The highlight of Black Border is not only in the fascinating details, but it also offers a huge number of characters. The game has more than 1000 characters but only owns more than 50 characters. The main players play a significant role in the game, including the passengers, criminals, and heads of organizations. Each character is created diversely with weird costumes, guaranteed to bring players exciting situations.

In addition to the above important factors, the game also has countless attractive features that are improved regularly. With simple mechanics and many rich stories, and stunning graphics, making the game more and more attractive. Unlike other simulation games, you can completely create a plot and the ending you want by building a conversation with other characters. You can also change the ending of the story at any time.

Black Border is an extremely successful Simulation game. During the game, you will feel many dark sides of life and witness many dark stories revolving around this city. With meticulous refinement in terms of content and images, the game is worth a try. If you are passionate about this genre, then this will be a completely worthy choice.

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