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Dream Hospital - Health Care Manager Simulator - arcade-quality Manager in which the user will control the operation of the hospital. Daily services of the medical institutions will refer hundreds of patients, so the player must provide all the conditions for the smooth operation of medical staff. This will require the use of modern medical equipment, hire the best treating professionals, as well as to expand the area of the medical center. In addition, the gamer will be able to implement new technologies in diagnostics and treatment of rare and unknown diseases.

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Dream Hospital: Care Simulator is a brand-new hospital construction and management game. Those who are interested in patient care games will find this to be an exciting world. Everything is needed to become a modern and high-quality medical care facility. Participate in a competition with your opponent to collect more patients.


The player’s main task is to transform the primitive center into a location with the most advanced equipment for patients in the area. Meet all of the customer’s requirements to earn more coins. If players know how to spend their money wisely and invest in the interior of the reception area, accessories and wall paint colors must also be considered to achieve a beautiful hospital image interface. The ambulance fleet must be operational at all times to respond to the most critical emergencies; this is also your clinic’s primary source of revenue. Dream Hospital also has a cutting-edge helicopter system for VIP patients, but to own it, players must reach new levels and receive positive customer feedback.


Players must not only create a hospital model but also create medicines and develop treatments in the laboratory. The team of researchers and medical staff is constantly adding human resources to develop the best methods to help improve your hospital’s reputation and quality of service. Dream Hospital offers a diverse range of medical staff and doctor qualifications. Select a high-quality team with the best skills to serve the VIP area and earn the most sales. Participating in life-saving work is the most difficult job, so players must be vigilant to make informed and accurate decisions.


The game development team and we strive to provide you with a healthy and adaptable entertainment environment. Every week, a new challenge theme will be presented to the hospitals. Some weeks require the player to save patients infected by the virus due to the epidemic disease. As the number of patients increases, the clinic must expand to meet all patients’ needs. Maintain clean and professional care and service areas. Compete with nearby hospitals, as they can outperform and attract your customers. Don’t let this happen; instead, keep an eye on competitors’ innovations to stay ahead of the competition. It is best to invest in the quality of medical care; the number of cured patients must regularly increase to ensure your reputation.


Medical tools, ultrasound equipment, and X-ray and MRI machines are all imported from reputable stores and are of the highest quality. Take care of and listen to your customers’ wishes so they will return the next time. To avoid costly mistakes, carefully select human resources. Sending your ambulance to the accident scene aids in the resolution of the problem. Pay close attention to the lab as well, as this is where a significant portion of the income is generated. Ensure that each department works with a strong sense of accountability and productivity.

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