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Hollywood Story®: Fashion Star Apk Mod (Menu Mod)


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Mod Info

  1. Menu Mod
  2. Energy increases
  3. 100-500-1000 gems
  4. 100-500-1000 white gems
  5. 100-500-1000 pink gems

Game Info

  • File Size: 132 Mb
  • Version: 11.6

Hollywood Story - a simulator of life of actors and Actresses in world cinema. The player will take control of a young hero who longs to become a movie star. The game takes place in Hollywood, where dream to get all new actors and Actresses. And it's no wonder, as there are spinning huge budgets, famous Directors.

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Once on the pencil to the famous kinodela and starring in a successful tape, run the risk of suddenly becoming a star and winning the hearts of millions. But before that, have a bumpy ride. The user will see all the delights of life dream Factory. For hitting the cinema screens, you must first how to work on the appearance and image of the hero or heroine. So you need to hit the fashion boutiques. Also is acquainted with many interesting personalities.

All this is presented in the form of exciting mini-games and story-based quests. Successful completion guarantees a character part in blockbusters and meaningful films that will bring fame. Hollywood Story - a great game for those who want to touch the world of cinema and Hollywood life.

Hollywood Story® creates a new life for you in which you can become a world star. Players will be given red-carpet challenges and events here. You must prepare appropriate costumes to participate in all aspects of the game. Each item will be bought with coins or diamonds from well-known stores. To receive more bonuses, you must attend numerous ceremonies. Furthermore, standing out from the crowd can help you earn more money. Your official occupation will be model, actress, and fashionista.


Several new events related to the winter festival have been added to the updated version of Hollywood Story®. You will come across new Christmas-themed designs. Fashionable collections will be launched. To keep up with the trends this season, you must be well-prepared. Players will have a fantastic vacation to prepare for new activities. You can participate in the Fan Gifts: To interact with strong opponents and attend the Merry and Bright or Gold Pass: All That Glitters event. In turn, fashion designers will contact you for exclusive photos. Players will need to add new outfits to build a diverse collection of styles. When newly purchased skins do not appear, you can reload the game to check for connection errors. We will divide your wardrobe into sections to accommodate all of the accessories.


On international fashion red carpets, you can take part in activities. The player’s aesthetic will influence the character’s career. That is why you should change your fashion style right now. A good hairstyle can also help players make a good impression on the audience. You will also face cinematic challenges in the game. Contracts are only processed after the player has completed all of the movies and commercials. You will meet and compete with professional colleagues. They also serve as motivation for you to work hard every day. Come out with a sweet appearance or personality to make your career mark.


Hollywood Story® is a role-playing game that tells the story of a girl’s journey to fame. To achieve maximum efficiency, you will need to invest your money wisely. The cost of the exclusive designer will rise in direct proportion to your level of success. Aside from getting movie deals, players can create their brands and start businesses. You will earn money by producing your own autographed cosmetics and apparel. Players will receive more bonuses for participating in ceremonies at the most successful stage. You can exude confidence. This will be realized once the players have gained extensive fashion experience.

Hollywood Story® recreates the life of a celebrity. The players will feel the feeling of being welcomed by journalists and the media. You can receive millions of compliments, but you can also receive millions of criticisms. However, the plot of the story is entirely up to you. Trendy fashion styles will assist players in becoming the most attractive individuals with the most assets. Luxury travel is possible in Beverly Hills, Manhattan, Las Vegas, and other beautiful cities. We expect you to stand out in your outfit and accessory combinations. Other significant events will be introduced in new sections of the journey to fame.

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