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Spaceflight Simulator - interesting simulation game in which the player will explore the Solar system. For that he has to design different types of space ships and launch them into the sky. The user will be many parts and pieces, from which you want to create a spaceship. After Assembly, the gamer will be able to test their creation and send it to conquer outer space. Minimalistic graphics, addictive gameplay and realistic physics will help to enjoy the game.

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Spaceflight Simulator Mod Apk is a very realistic simulation game of a rocket launching to planets in the universe. You will experience the stages of launching rockets to planets in the vast universe. From assembly to launch, track the flight path with detailed information until it reaches its destination. Enjoy the whole rocket launch and space exploration like never before.


If you are a person with a passion for planets in the universe and an interest in rockets, this is the perfect game for you. Players will start launching rockets of their design into space and explore different planets. The planets in the game are all designed with real scale, so you can have an accurate view when comparing planets with each other. Each planet has its characteristics, such as Venus having a thick and hot atmosphere, Mars having a thin atmosphere, and planets in the solar system, including Earth and the Moon. There are also scattered asteroids that you can visit as well as set foot on distant planets in the vast universe that you have never been to. Explore the fascinating and endless open universe with Spaceflight Simulator.


To explore the vast universe that the game brings, you need to prepare a rocket. The game allows you to assemble your rocket by putting the parts together. Start designing your rocket in the most detail while choosing the right parts to go to the planet you want. Freely choose rocket shells, warheads, rocket launchers, and many other parts to complete, combine them into a full-fledged rocket, and launch into space. Each rocket engine or part will affect its speed and flight path, so you need to know the features of each part and choose the right type for your goals. Experience the feeling of becoming a rocket engineer, designing quality rockets, and exploring the game’s endless universe.


After assembling and placing the rocket on the launchpad, you will begin your space exploration. The rocket will start from the station, then gradually accelerate and pass through the atmosphere, fly into space, and separate the parts to reach the maximum altitude and continue flying to the planets. Besides, the final step is to separate the astronaut compartment and return to Earth, open the parachute to land on the earth’s surface slowly. The realistically designed trajectory and mechanical elements provide the most realistic route, along with flight parameters such as the rocket’s altitude, velocity, and flight angle. Thanks to that, you can follow your rocket into space and reach distant planets in Spaceflight Simulator.

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