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Summoner's Greed: Endless Idle TD Heroes - arcade time-killer, whose main character is a gifted young magician who tries to protect a valuable magic artifacts, which are coveted by enemies. Now he is with fighting monsters you need to protect treasure chests from the attacks of enemies. Correctly placing units on the game map, the user will be able to help protect the character of its values and defeat the forces of evil. The game has a simple gameplay, excellent graphics and will help to kill a few minutes of free time.

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Summoner’s Greed puts you in the role of a greedy mage pursuing his own goals. It was stealing the king’s precious chest. Unfortunately, the king discovered and gave chase. At this point, you will have to run away to avoid being attacked. Summoner’s Greed offers an exciting storyline, creating thrilling gameplay. You will have to fight the imperial army to save your life. Keep the chest and don’t let the king’s army take it back. The game offers an attractive fighting style for you to start with the wars. Use all your strength to be able to resist all attacks that opponents inflicted.

Your goal is to steal the king’s treasure, obtain valuable objects. But things don’t turn out the way you want them to. What you did was quickly discovered and of course, the king will not leave you alone. Each army will attack, causing dangers that you cannot resist. Facing a large force, players will also have to assemble their army. Those are ferocious monsters that will join the player in the battle. Step by step coordinates the implementation of missions against the king. Do not fall into danger, affecting life. Defend and attack fiercely against the soldiers of the court. Quickly return to base with the precious chest.

Play as an evil character, Summoner’s Greed will give you a new experience. Forget the good heroes, and now you will be a thief mage. Bring ferocious beasts out into battle to make an attack. The king’s army is your target. The defense is tight and together with the monsters, block all attacks from the enemy. Continuously give counterattacks so that they can’t be defended. Develop strategies to defeat your opponent as quickly as possible. Join Summoner’s Greed and become a magician against the king.

Recruit monsters

The monsters will be the warriors accompanying the player. They can use potent magic. The hounds, teddy bears… merged into a large army. Initially, the number of monsters is not much, most will be alone you fight. The player will have to destroy a large number of enemy units. As you level up, more monsters will appear. You will be able to choose and use them in every battle. Always change the appearance and unique colors for each monster. Each one will have a different attack ability, with you destroying each opponent. Many minions and creatures are summoned, defending closely.

Use spells

The power that you own in the game is quite mighty. This is one of the features that has attracted the players. Use your hands to shoot fireballs, causing a series of opponents to die. These spells will make confronting the enemy no longer an obstacle. There’s also lightning, ice, and more. Give the best strength to all of your monsters, so that they complete the tasks well. Combine with each intelligent strategy to be able to attack effectively. The king’s army also has many special abilities, delivering powerful counterattacks. Therefore, use these spells so that opposing and destroying soldiers will be as desired. Eliminate enemies one by one, return to base with treasures.

Magician’s skill

Equip your character with many skills. Fireball, Double Monster Attack, Epic Coin Digger, Deep Freeze… are some of the names that must be mentioned. This will be what helps the magician to get the tactics in each battle screen. Increases damage and makes enemies unable to survive. Each skill will bring an attack, dealing with each different enemy. Accumulate power and focus on defense to get the victory. Later on, these skills will help you defeat a large number of enemy teams. Know how to fight and use force rationally. Download Summoner’s Greed mod summoning battle-ready magicians.

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