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Hillside Drive Apk Mod (Unlocked, Free Shopping)

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  1. Unlocked
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  • File Size: 65 MB
  • Version: 0.8.9-76

If you have a strong passion for off-road racing, then perhaps Hillside Drive will meet your passion. This is a unique racing game; players always want you to be able to own unique racing cars. More specifically, you will also conquer big races, historic races yourself. And through it, you can earn yourself great prizes along with a series of lessons on special handling. Become a notorious racer and bring back exciting upgrades for yourself.

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Players will be satisfied with their racing passion in Hillside Drive, and it is here that you will discover many exciting things. This game will offer a collection of modern racing cars, each car will have its own strengths, and you need to choose carefully. After you have made your choice and agreed to proceed with the game, you should also take a look at your car. Specifically, it will be maintained as well as upgrading the machinery system.

The interesting point is that the game wants you to be able to exploit all your strengths when using this car. The mechanical system must really ensure that the game can perform as well as you can continue the big race. At the same time, you also need to make essential assumptions so that if you really have a problem, there will be a way to solve it. But the game will also offer timely solutions to help you overcome difficulties as quickly as possible.


You will meet great opponents, and maybe they will also be your acquaintances. Each person will represent a different group or represent a country here to compete. So you need to pay attention because they are also excellent racers who want to come here to win. The race officially begins, and the judges will give you a terrain, and you make the conquest. Above those terrains, you will encounter significant obstacles to provide you with difficulties.

After you are alert enough to conquer and face challenges, then you will have enough courage. Gently overcome large circles to create the smoothest moves. Performing acceleration to overcome opponents is also the way you should do in this game. Hillside Drive will give you the rewards you deserve, and you’ve easily earned yourself the most exciting upgrades.


You will also be allowed to choose for yourself a squad and run the race by the team. In turn, the game will ask for the number of people in the same team, and you will also be allowed to choose professional racers. Each race will come with a huge prize, which is the big goal you set. So each person in the team needs to try to speed up to win their own privileges and big points for their whole team.

The big prizes will be the driving force to promote strong teamwork. More specifically, if you win great prizes, you will be allowed to win interesting upgrades for your team. Thanks to these upgrades, your racing fleet has become more new and outstanding than ever. Not only that, but Hillside Drive will also allow you to add new racing cars to this large collection.

Races with competition for scores have made Hillside Drive more exciting and dramatic than ever. Players have also gained valuable experience, and through that, you also receive helpful upgrades. You can use the money that the game gives you to buy newer racing cars and add them to your collection. What’s more, thanks to the awards, other people know you better, and you will also be able to go to world-class races.

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