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Gems of War Apk Mod (Menu Mod)

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Mod Info

  1. Menu Mod
  2. Attack ignore Defense
  3. High DMG (Skill + Skull)
  4. High Skill DMG
  5. Skill ready after combine Mana

Game Info

  • File Size: 254 MB
  • Version: 6.8.0

Gems of War is a combat strategy game in which players create a team of great warriors. Enter the fascinating world of the puzzle board and complete the level perfectly. When you band together as a group of warriors, you will be stronger and more equipped to face your enemies. Prepare to solve puzzles and fight on multiple fronts as you journey. Overnight you will transform into a brave legend. Play to win, and show your destructive power with every hit. To achieve success, overcome difficulties and risky conditions. Build a powerful army and go to war with your enemies.

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This game is loved by players for its unique blend of puzzle-solving and explosive action. You will plunge into battle against the enemy when solving puzzles with gems. The principle of the game is simple and intuitive enough for new players to pick up and play right away. Join the fray and face fearsome enemies while fully immersing yourself in the battle scene. Explore a variety of environments from around the world and test your skills at each challenging level. Become a legend in the puzzle arena by defeating your opponents with powerful blows. Players will be energized as they can try new things and learn new things through various projects. Attack, capture, and recruit many new soldiers.

Fighting alongside heroes requires you to defeat them. Gather your soldiers, then fight your opponents. Prepare to use any necessary techniques to outmaneuver your opponent. There will be mighty opponents that pose a threat in every game. You have to fight monsters and solve puzzles to get to other places. Many things will happen that you cannot predict. Be proud of your victory over opposing forces.


Warrior participation is critical to the success of the military effort. They will be the driving force behind mining development and eliminating enemies. You will fight together in battles, each chooses a hero to use, and the two will fight each other. More than 300 parts are available for players to create their side warriors. The abilities and skill sets of each hero are different. Players assemble a formidable army and master offensive players. By amassing a large battle team, you can gain an advantage and move on to the next level. Develop your army expertise, and you’ll be able to unleash devastating forces.


With each successful match, gems of War will transport you to a new world. Find Kstallara and Underworld maps to help you grow your empire. Players will have up to 350 jobs to complete. Enter the field and deal with any problems that arise. Navigate to multiple areas where opponents are engaged in combat. Each player can unlock a new difficulty level by progressing through the kingdoms. Enemies will also grow in size and strength. Invade all battlefields and wipe out opposing forces for a spectacular victory.


In Gems of War, players can also participate in unique weekly events. You will be eligible to win some prizes if you participate in that event and complete the related activities. Enjoy many other players’ difficult and exciting companionship as you try to solve the difficulties. Earn prizes by playing through multiple entertaining game modes. The chance to win awesome rewards makes being a puzzle legend much less intimidating. Have fun with some mini-games and complete the game.

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