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Zero City: Last Bunker on Earth Apk Mod (Menu Mod)


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  1. Added a button to increase the speed battle

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  • File Size: 96 MB
  • Version: 1.37.1

Zero City: Bunker & Zombie Games. Shelter Survival - survival simulator, with a dash of Manager in the setting of postapokalipsisa. The player will have to organize a refuge for the survivors in the city, filled with plenty of zombies. Infected are increasing, and they from time to time RAID the hideout of the survivors. The user will need to deal with the walking dead, and send people to study the surrounding areas in search of useful items and resources. Each survivor has its own specialization, which should be used wisely to achieve success.

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Zero City is an action-adventure game developed by UPWAKE.ME. Zombies have overrun the city, so you must find a way to survive in this terrifying ironclad while using a variety of weapons and tools to fight the undead. The visuals, music, and sound effects create an atmosphere of extreme tension that makes you feel like you’re about to faint from the stress. On the other hand, the level’s entertainment value is maintained by the plethora of challenges that become more difficult as the player progresses.


Zero City builds the world after the Zombie disaster, the entire city you live in just ruins. Fighting is imperative if you and other lucky people want to survive. Because of your mercenary background, you will be able to survive the hostile environment and ensure your survival. To start, you will use various items to build a solid base. You will then need to strengthen your position, gather some volunteers, and venture into the city to save those who have succumbed to the virus. While fighting for your life during this process, you must survive every precaution, as zombies will always surround you. Kill the zombies in front of you before they can attack, and don’t forget to gather supplies before continuing the fight.


In Zero City, building and expanding the base is extremely important. It will be a haven for survivors amid a zombie-infested city. With this information, they should be able to continue with the survivors as usual. When you reach a certain level, new areas will be available to explore. The rooms in the base can be used for various purposes, including researching and developing new weapons, storing food for soldiers, printing money, and training recruits. Build a solid and large base that can support the expansion of your army’s strength. Therefore, you will never get bored fighting the zombies, and you will have access to exciting missions to rescue more survivors in the city.


Zombies have taken over the city, and the number of undead continues to increase. With that said, you will need a powerful army to face and defeat them all. Increase your recruiting team; you can always call these rookies through the contract. Each warrior has a unique set of skills and fighting styles. You can learn how to train and deploy soldiers more effectively in each conflict against zombies if you divide your class into smaller groups based on the type of soldier you are training. Your warriors will gain experience and level up as they engage in daily combat, making it easier for them to progress in the game.


The success of your army depends on your ability to find the best equipment for your troops. This device can be found in random chests throughout the vast city map. Chests contain a variety of items of varying rarity. A warrior’s abilities determine which chest items they can open and which warrior items they can equip themselves with. However, each warrior can only use specific equipment because these items suit their fighting style. Therefore, to equip the warriors in Zero City:last bunker on earth, you should try to collect as many chests as possible.

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