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In this multiplayer game for up to eight players centered on social trickery and survival, you can betray your pals. The ultimate objective of the survivors is to escape; thus, communication and working together as a team are necessary. Collect supplies, fix up the shelters, and face the dangers of the wilderness together. Be aware, however, that others inside the group are actively striving to undermine your prospects of surviving the ordeal and making it out alive by any means necessary.


As a survivor, it is up to you to do a number of tasks so that you may signal for one of many rescue trucks and make your way out of the building in order to win the game. Restore full functionality to the cabin radio by repairing all of the aforementioned objectives. You may obtain the crafting materials you need to fix goals and help keep you alive by cutting down trees, harvesting berries and herbs, and breaking rocks. You can also construct items by using these resources.

Investigate the boxes that may be discovered in the many buildings located all over the area. These crates contain supplies that will assist you in surviving the game and achieving your goals. Utilize the radio that is contained within the cabin in order to contact the emergency escape vehicle. Get aboard the vehicle designated for escape, and try to get away with as many innocent survivors as you can. Make use of your acute senses to determine who the betrayers are, respond to any attempts they make to thwart your escape, and cast out anybody whose behavior seems questionable.


Your mission as a traitor is to ensure that the survivors are not able to flee the area without being found and eliminated. At the beginning of the game, you will be shown the identities of all of your teammates, and each of them will have a red sign similar to the one you have on their own uniform. You will begin the game with a red radio so that you may speak with your other team member. To get an edge over survivors, you can use the traitor boxes and hatches that are spread around the area. Crates not only contain useful items but also provide you with traitor points, which can be redeemed for additional gameplay options. Through the use of hatches, you are able to get to several strategic points located around the globe rapidly.

You can get unique powers by spending traitor points. Your roll ability, as well as the power to sabotage objectives, bunker consoles, and other things located all over the area, may be activated by spending points. Employ various methods, such as poison, traps, and other items from your toolbox in order to disable or eliminate the survivors. To ensure your victory, you must stop them from leaving before the allotted time is out! Blend in with the other people who have survived. Be careful not to give too much away too soon… they will always be able to protect themselves.


Unknown betrayers are hiding among the group of people who managed to survive. The traitors are known to each other but not the survivors. Their objective is to prevent any survivors from fleeing the area without first being located and eliminated.


The only way for survivors to make it out of this alive is if they band together. Players that go off on their own will have a tough time living in the harsh environment, and they run the risk of being killed by hostile creatures or becoming an easy target for the traitors.


There are a number of different ways for players to communicate with one another, such as proximity-based voice chat, private voice chat radio channels, text chat, and emotes. Communication is essential for the survivors to have in order for them to have any chance of completing their tasks and defending themselves against the betrayers.


The traitors are outnumbered and vulnerable as the game begins, they may infiltrate the survivors and acquire their trust while they build up their power. Survivors may never be 100% sure of who to trust. The traitors can take advantage of this by spreading misinformation, and turning the survivors against each other.

Mod Features:

  1. Zoom Hack
  2. Show Player Role (Changing Player Name Color: Red(Traitor), Blue(Innocent))
  3. Show Player Health Bar
  4. Speed Hack
  5. Instant Attack
  6. Add Extra Inventory Slot


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