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My Cafe - Restaurant Game Apk Mod (Fast Movement)


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  1. Fast movement of staff and visitors.

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  • File Size: 152 M
  • Version: 2023.1.2.0

My Cafe - Restaurant game is a casual arcade game in which the player is invited to become Manager of the cozy cafe. In the beginning of the story the main character will have only empty rooms and a small amount of money to buy equipment. By purchasing the necessary equipment in the form of apparatus for tea and a Breakfast bar, the user will receive the first visitor.

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The client needs not only hot tea but also in conversation. From the conversation we can learn the latest urban gossip, character preferences in food and drinks, and also get the recipes of various dishes. The recipe may be obtained experimentally by mixing different ingredients.

Next, the flow of visitors will increase and thus increase the revenue. On the earned means it is necessary to buy new equipment and hire employees. The game has a beautiful graphics. The interior of the cafe are drawn solidly. And complements this splendor a nice soundtrack. My Cafe - Restaurant game- great arcade game that helps to relax and to get pleasure from the gameplay.

You can build your cafe and renovate and upgrade it to become a world-famous 5-star restaurant in My Cafe. As you embark on your journey to open your dream cafe, you will have an unforgettable experience. As a powerful owner, you can design in your preferred style and manage the entire store. You can run the store however you want by doing everything yourself, including remodeling, menu creation, and staff hiring. Not only can you manage the store, but you can also create your menu items and become a great business master.


To hone your business skills, run your store. You’ll have to start from scratch and do everything to get your store up and to run. Players will embark on an exciting cooking adventure in which they will unleash their creativity on various delectable dishes to serve customers. You will be in charge of everything from the start, including designing, cooking, mixing, and performing.

You must complete the assigned tasks and receive rewards to be eligible for shop upgrades. As the number of guests increases, you will need to hire more servers to help with the assigned tasks. Players spin in the shop as they complete daily challenges, and the amount of work increases over time. Hire servers and bartenders to assist you, and spend time researching ways to improve your restaurant daily.


In your store, provide the best possible customer service. Food is prepared quickly with the assistance of the staff and your excellent management. To expand the store and attract more customers, you must complete daily tasks to unlock many new and appealing dishes to serve customers. A realistic cafe simulation game with high-quality graphics provides the most realistic experience.

Upgrading and repairing your store and expanding your global chain of stores necessitates hard work to increase your income and provide you with the opportunity to upgrade your store. Create new dishes appealing to diners and upgrade existing dishes to improve quality. Furthermore, players must upgrade their staff to enhance the quality of service and increase revenue for the restaurant. My Cafe — Restaurant Game is an intriguing game in which you play the role of a good business owner; it is not to be missed if you enjoy the business game genre.


Aside from renovating and designing the shop to attract customers, the restaurant’s quality and service are important and indispensable factors when experiencing the service. As a result, upgrading staff training is critical to provide the highest quality service to customers in the shortest amount of time. To earn rewards, create various appealing new dishes to serve customers and participate in large and small challenges.

Regularly add new dishes to your food collection to give your diners a memorable dining experience. Because of the simple gameplay and user-friendly interface, you can become the master whenever you want. The game is ideal for those looking to start a business because it provides a general overview of what is required to open a restaurant while improving the player’s business skills. Let’s start building and operating a great restaurant, a fun game experience worth trying.

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