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Mini Motor Racing 2 Apk Mod (Nitro, Missile, Spike, Drone)


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Mini Motor Racing 2 is a speed racing game that allows you to play alone or against other online racers, giving you an incredibly amazing experience. As the game’s name, you will race super small cars, classic to modern models. Besides, the game also integrates new and modern songs in the races to help you freely listen to the tunes that bring a lot of stimulating feelings to the players.


On the high graphics platform of the game, the car races will be reproduced exceptionally realistically. With dozens of tracks and vehicles available, you’ll be spoiled for choice through online or offline game modes. Mini Motor Racing 2 allows players to compete on different dynamic racetrack scales such as islands, gardens, countryside, markets, cliffs, hillsides, and more, giving you a great experience.

Besides, the game’s controller is perfectly designed, with a virtual steering wheel located on the left of the screen and an acceleration adjustment button on the right. In addition, the game has also equipped you with the ability to adjust the controller depending on your driving preferences manually. This also means that you can go to the options menu to change the virtual steering wheel into navigation buttons, or you can use the sensor of the phone screen to drive.


One of the great things about this game is that you will be conquering a large number of races with diverse game modes. In your game, you can choose new cars, customize each vehicle like different paint colors, add parts to your liking for a comprehensive and diverse racing experience. It would be great to own a beautiful car with new tactics. Can be combined

Starting the race, a road map will appear on the screen to help you determine the direction with acceleration and deceleration mode on top of the screen; in the upper left corner of the screen, there is a timer to increase the size of love for races. When you pass the boxes, you will receive random items on the track. Besides, the right root of the screen is equipped with a missile button; you can use it to shoot down the cars ahead.


Mini Motor Racing 2 has a single-player mode for players to freely experience and explore. It brings exciting feelings for players and helps you to have exchanges and make friends with other online friends like you can challenge your friends in tournaments. Compete, challenge players around the world, or join guilds to win incredible rewards and get high on the leaderboards.

With 48 unique vehicles, it helps players choose as they like, in addition to allowing you to upgrade your star rank to unlock vehicle levels. High-performance sports cars, trucks, school buses, and more have different driving styles. You can amass a garage full of crazy cars, tune them to peak performance and accelerate to the top of the global leaderboards, basking in triumphs.


In addition to equipping players with outstanding features, Mini Motor Racing 2 will bring stimulating feelings to players. And to be able to do this, the game has also integrated attractive melodies new and modern songs to make the races and competitions more unique. The true context of the scene will give players the feeling equivalent to the feeling of racing in reality.

Now you will be perfectly satisfied thanks to the fact that the game has combined With 50 realistic songs. From stunning riverside races to frenetic chases through downtown Gangnam, Mini Motor 2 features new and classic tracks to enjoy. All will be reproduced on the phone screen as true as the reality outside.

Mod Features:

1.Unlimited Nitros
2.No Missile Damage
3.No Spike Damage
4.No Drone Damage


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