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Galaxiga Arcade Shooting Game Apk Mod (Menu Mod)


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  2. Damage Multiplier
  3. God Mode

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  • File Size: 157 M
  • Version: 54.8

Galaxiga - Classic 80s Arcade - the classic arcade scrolling shooter in the spirit of retro, in which the player must protect the galaxy from the invading enemy. The user will control a space ship equipped with powerful guns and shells. Using onboard weapons, the starship will be able to eliminate opponents included simple drones and big bosses. Advances in galactic battles will allow you to upgrade the ship and weapons, which will make it possible to even more efficiently destroy the intruders.

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Galaxiga Arcade Shooting Game transports you to a modern shooting world where you must destroy evil. This game will give you the world’s largest gun system with hundreds of large barrels to fight with. You must destroy as many eagles as possible when the villains throw them down. The game will put you up against various enemies, such as the eagle lord or aliens who come to harass you.


The aliens are attempting to take over your world and are committing atrocities. They target humans directly and want to steal time machines. In that difficult situation, you must fight to defeat those cruel people. They have hundreds of different enemies who want to attack the world. To defeat their attack, players must construct a strong defense system.

First, you must select a featured machine from the game’s selection; a variety of machines are available to you, and you will be able to select from various designs. After completing the selection, you will select the barrel and the type of ammunition used to destroy the enemy. To be effective, you must select a different type of ammo for each enemy. The unique feature is that you will need more automatic cannon systems because the number of enemies will increase dramatically, and they will defeat you anytime.


To avoid getting hit by the eggs that the eagles drop, you must manage the machine and fire ammo with low energy output. Remember that if those eggs drop on your computer, they will blow up, and the game will be over for you, so keep an eye out for them. If, on the other hand, your adversaries are gigantic aliens, you must steer clear of the bombs that they drop and instead use munitions that have a high destructive potential to defeat them.

Switching between different types of ammunition will protect you in various situations. By achieving significant goals and opening gift boxes that grant bonuses to one’s life count, it is possible to acquire additional lives. In addition, players are required to use the automatic bullet system whenever they cannot manage challenging scenarios in a timely manner. You need to implement an additional safety mechanism to prevent any needless loss of life that the machine could cause.


The players will go up against gigantic foes and must overcome significant obstacles. You will be given a new set of requirements to fulfill after each time you complete the challenge. For your total score to be determined, these must all be satisfied. Your chances of winning increase proportion to the number of points you amass; nevertheless, you must take care to sidestep any eggs laid by the eagles.

Galaxiga Arcade Shooting Game will present you with various challenging and entertaining objectives for you to complete. Altering how you play the game and using a different computer are also options for tackling the difficulty. As you progress deeper into the ring, the trials will get increasingly difficult, but if you can overcome these hurdles, you will be rewarded with wonderful gifts. You can acquire more gun barrels and ammunition to aid you in your fight against the enormous monster.

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