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Sonic Forces Apk Mod (Menu Mod)

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  2. Game speed multiplier [x1 – x10]
  3. God mode
  4. Start with 100 rings (max)
  5. Ads removed

Game Info

  • File Size: 197 MB
  • Version: 4.15.0

Sonic Forces, with distinctive features, promises to bring players extremely attractive races between powerful racers. These racers are extremely fast creatures and have unique skills to help players develop their own strengths and special effects, and accessibility from different levels. Join the game to come to the exciting race along with experiencing the remarkable features of this game.

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The game’s main character is Sonic, the speed hedgehog, which is familiar to everyone. Still, this character is capable of creating the image for the Sonic series, but many other characters are equally famous. Similar to the above, in the races throughout the game, you can choose a lot of different characters for your race because the number of characters that the game offers is extremely diverse from appearance to skill, parameters, and more. These characters offer different values ​​that allow you to combine the unique strengths of each character to shape your playstyle.


Build a unique playstyle for your character, collect lots of items, overcome a series of difficult obstacles ahead, and reach the finish line together. Earn money for the opportunity to upgrade your character and equip your character with the best costumes, giving you more confidence throughout the experience. You turn the unique skills of your chosen character into a unique advantage to suit yourself to be able to conquer every race in the game.

Take advantage of a variety of characters to make your play more appealing and diverse. The game can now be obtained and downloaded totally for free from the sites that make it available to everyone while maintaining high-quality standards of accessibility. The same is true for images and graphics, which are readily available for any device you may be using.


Not only do you normally race against other characters in the game, but you can also take advantage of the vantage points scattered throughout your track by running into them. These advantages give you various benefits if you are sharp enough to be able to collect them on your race. The advantages offered to you include various bonus items, most notably boosters that help you accelerate a significant distance to outstrip or shorten the distance with other riders in the race.

Throughout your gameplay, always keep a high level of focus and a certain acumen so that you can quickly seize advantages and turn them into a launching pad to help you achieve victory more easily. A champion not only uses physical strength but also has to be able to take advantage and seize opportunities, so train well to become a champion in all your races.


You will receive bonuses that can be exchanged for different items or benefits that allow you to optimize your gameplay during the game. However, upgrading the character parameters in the game is always a top priority because it will create an advantage when you compete with other formidable players. You can upgrade a lot of things, including upgrading speed, acceleration, skills,… and much more. A character will become complete and better if you can maximize that character’s abilities by upgrading and improving weaknesses by developing stats.

The game is completely fair to all racers, but if you want to create a little advantage for yourself to be able to achieve victory quickly. Try to accumulate foreign currency through your screens and use them to upgrade specific stats to make that character stronger the way you want. In addition, upgrading stats allows you to choose from many things, including turning the stats you’ve upgraded into your own unique advantage.


  • Colorful 3D graphics that are suitable for gamers of all ages provide a safe and enjoyable environment for them.
  • Races have advantages that are dispersed, allowing players to collect them and use them to their advantage.
  • On leaderboards, you can compare your achievements and levels with those of your friends and other players.
  • Playing games with your pals for enjoyment purposes will help you to create more entertaining races.
  • Numerous upgrade options allow you to personalize your character and tailor the game while also developing your talents.

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