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Legendary: Game of Heroes Apk Mod (Quick Win)

Dive into the world of Korelis!

It was not only during the Diablo era that mythical stories about the long war between gods and demons appeared. Long before that, movies, books, and poetry were filled with famous works about this tumultuous period. No one knows if they are real or not, and no one has ever witnessed any of the characters both good and evil in them, just know that those battles have become the inspiration for many arts, entertainments, and games.

Legendary: Game of Heroes is also inspired by that.


The most attractive thing of the game with the theme of gods and monsters is the plot. The deeper the plot, the more separate layers, the more characters with superhuman skills, the more earthquakes, the more successful the game is considered. The plot is also the glue that binds seemingly unrelated characters and makes all wars have the same common purpose. The logic is therefore always seamless and highly efficient.

In the beautiful world of Korelis where humans and gods share the same roof. One day, the dark forces from the depths of hell for unknown reasons rose and wanted to invade sacred Korelis.

The story dates back thousands of years. At that time the Sun God, the head of Korelis was reigning. The Dark Lord with his bottomless greed raised his voice loudly and paid a heavy price. He was buried in a dungeon by the Sun God with many chains, spells, and layers of seals. The outside of the dungeon was also covered with molten lava flows. There is almost no chance to escape and return to the outside world to make a mess.

To this day, for unknown reasons, the Dark Lord has found a way to nullify the seals, escape the heat of the lava and return to take revenge on the whole Korelis, including the brave gods and all the innocent people, descendants of the sun god.

Your mission in the game is to summon all the most powerful forces of the world to set out to rescue Korelis. To do this, you only have one way: build an army of invincible heroes.


In the beginning, you only have a few default characters in hand. These heroes have average skills and abilities, so of course, their fighting ability will be limited. Make the most of these characters, continuously fight, and complete quests, defeating the back-eared demons of the Dark Lord, you will gain many valuable items, gain experience points, and have a chance to get many new heroes. The later heroes are truly unique warriors.

So the key is to work hard in the early levels so that when you reach about 10 heroes in total, you can be assured when fighting in the next levels. Each hero appears as a card, with its unique ability and skill stat ranking system. Later, depending on the level of combat, each will be upgraded in its way.

The gameplay of Legendary: Game of Heroes combines tactical role-playing and match-3, which is also quite predictable. When you reach each stage, monster cards will appear to guard the door. Half the screen is a match-3 board. Above is an array of hero cards that you have chosen to include in the match. Each match will be used 6 heroes at the same time. Below the cards are a series of colored stones representing different elemental powers.

Your task is to put stones of the same color together, when a line of 3 of the same color is formed, the heroes can perform an attack. In each turn, having many columns and rows of the same color will make the attack with the corresponding color take place simultaneously, this combined skill will be extremely powerful and highly destructive, sometimes killing all monsters at once.

Tips for newbies

The colored stones in the match-3 table, as I just mentioned, will represent different strengths, abilities to attack, defend, and support. For example, pink stone increases HP, red stone is offensive, the bluestone is defensive…

In the first levels, you can pass quite easily. Because monsters are sparse, weak, not able to resist much, while our force is up to 6 heroes at the same time. But then they will be very much, appearing once in a group, they will be so huge and can attack like a storm and they will fire epic attacks continuously towards you. At this point, the task is not just playing match-3, you have to stretch your brain to calculate the move to have the most advantage. For example, in critical situations, it is necessary to strengthen finding the red stones to meet to increase the maximum damage. And when there are too many casualties, you have to find a way for the pink stones to meet to heal the whole team.

The battle is also a race against time. The later with the number of enemies doubled, tripled, the higher the difficulty level, the more time pressure will weigh. Not to mention you will have to face monster bosses with powerful skills. The opening game was thought to be leisurely, but after, it will be very stressful.

If you do not like to fight alone, you can join an alliance with other players, fight with friends and share the spoils. With teammates, it will be easier to win and the fun can also be doubled.

Mod Features:

  • Quick Win


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