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LayereD Stories 0 v1.1.2 Mod Apk

Shibuya of 2037.
There is the Internet is visualized by LayereD technology, “all that can image is feasible” free world.
However, there was far from the people of utopia world -.

◆ the Reizero is
“Layered Stories zero” (LayereD Stories 0) is a smartphone app that the story that unfolds in the same world, can be enjoyed in the animation and games. Two of the story is told in animation and game, linked to each other, it is the overlap alternative RPG.

The game, you are a hero. Personality puppet rich assistant AI “ACT (Act)”, fight flying around the augmented reality space that appeared in Shibuya of the future that has been built with high-quality 3D model of 360 degrees, a new sense of “Shibuya sky 360 degrees than ever before It is scrambled battle “. Foster ACT & organize, find your only strategy, Aim Alternative rank the top!

CG animation that has been produced in full-length full 3D.
Draw a story of boys and girls to be at the mercy of a focus on Yuuto of hero “freedom of the collision of their own freedom and others”. Anime is regularly updated in the app, and then streaming. Delivery at the time may also be held in conjunction with the event, called to intervene himself in the “back of the animation of the story”, you can be the unprecedented experience.

◆ UGC & Open IP also implemented
The slogan “Everyone Let’s make the game”, carried out the audition of the Pro-Am mixing involving the user. Character designer, voice actor, cartoonist, looking for a theme song vocalist, also won the Grand Prix industry inexperienced person. We participate in the actual production site. In addition, games and 3D model and configuration was produced in animation, and world view, as long as personal, commercial use is also planned to open source that has been permitted.

◆ gorgeous actors appeared in the anime & game

[Animation Part]
Yuuto: willow Nawa (Project LayereD voice audition Grand Prix)
Joshua: Uchida stallions
Shinji: Sakura Ayane
Claire: Tatsumi YuKinuko
Kohei: Junji Majima
Rachel: Pressurized all over Ai
Will: Sōma Saitō
Takuma: Mitsuhiro Ichiki

[Game] Part
Ion: white sand Sunaho (Project LayereD voice audition Grand Prix)
Kyotaro: Yuki Ono
Barthelemy: Mikako Komatsu
Miaraka: Yuki Midori
Kido: Ai Kayano
Lazarus: Rina Sato
Anathematized: Tomoyo Kurosawa
Tsumori: Kenta Miyake
Furusawa: Ishikawa Sakaihito
Pureroma: Ayaka Suwa
Yashio: Wataru Hatano

A C T: C V
Kenichi Suzumura
Natsuki Hanae
Saori Onishi
Wataru An Chika
Misaki Kuno
Shin Uchida Rei
Junichi Suwabe

and more …

[Operating environment, and other inquiries]

※ This app, please use always in the operating environment described in the above link.
In the case of use in the operating environment, due to factors of your usage and use the model of the specific customer, this service may not work properly.

© BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

In this application, the (stock) CRI · Middleware
“CRIWARE (TM)” has been used.


Mod Info:

  • One Hit Kill
  • God Mode

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LayereD Stories 0 v1.1.2 Mod Apk

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