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Zombie Gunship Survival Apk Mod (Menu Mod)


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Mod Info

  1. Menu Mod
  2. No Overheating
  3. Super Attack
  4. Dumb Bots (turn on before the fight)

Game Info

  • File Size: 607 M
  • Version: 1.6.74

Zombie Gunship Survival - a fascinating shooter, in which the user will go back on the plane AC-130 to use the available weapons to start shooting the living dead. Unlike the original this project was complemented with the elements of the strategy. Now the player will not only pass the levels, shooting zombies, but also to protect their base from attacks, and to attack the enemy fortifications. As in the first part there are several pieces of weapons that can be upgraded through earning jobs currency.

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This is a first-person shooter in which zombies are the primary target. Playing this exciting zombie survival game will help determine if you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse. While in the gunship of the AC 130, you can rain down hellfire on opponents whose deaths have been confirmed. In a world where zombies have devoured the majority of humanity, a small population of humans has managed to retain their humanity. These humans are defending a military installation from an onslaught of zombies attempting to take control.


Because your base is the only remaining haven, you should work to strengthen its defenses. From the relative safety of your AC 130 gunships, you should assist your ground soldiers in achieving their objectives on the ground. Your ability to lead your team to victory over the zombies roaming the area will determine whether or not they survive. You will be better positioned to prevail in combat after arming your AC 130 gunship with formidable zombie armament, improving its existing arsenal, and taking it to the skies. By firing from above, you can keep the zombies at bay and protect your army. In this zombie apocalypse survival game, you must scavenge for food, water, weapons, and other resources before returning to your base to erect fortifications against the undead hordes.


The game provides your troops with air support from a mounted gun, allowing them to defend themselves against the oncoming horde of zombies effectively. By planning the operation ahead of time, you can maximize the effectiveness of the troops when they arrive on the scene. Numerous approaches could be taken. Other class options available to players include sniper, scout, assault, and demolition specialist. Make every effort to acquire and hone weapons that are, in some way, accurate representations of the real thing. This game includes severe first-person shooter combat situations in which you play as the gunner and military-grade infrared night vision. The latter allows you to take on the role of the gunner.


Your team is in danger as terrifying zombies armed with a wide range of abilities launch an attack on them. Titan zombies not only put your marksmanship to the test but also pose a significant threat to the zombie horde’s survival. You must first earn money and other rewards to improve your defenses and then use that money and other objects. Only then will your defenses be strengthened. In this zombie shooting game, you must upgrade your tower defenses, barricades, and weaponry to protect your army base from undead attacks and successfully defend yourself against undead attacks. After that, to obtain legendary equipment, you must complete the weekly events with the most zombies killed. They contribute to the gaming community by participating in conversations and events with other community members. Before deciding on a game plan for a first-person shooter, everyone should consult with their friends.

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