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  • Version: 1.2.107

Mergical is a casual arcade game with strategy elements where the player will get on a fantastic island. In the story an evil sorcerer has cast a spell on this place, with the result that it disappeared under the thick clouds. To remedy the situation, the user needs to enlist the support of many heroes. Together with them he will need to synthesize and improve the helpful items, and to erect buildings. Step by step, the island will recover, but the characters will be able to pump their skills and useful skills.

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I hope you have a wonderful time while vacationing on the stunning island of Mergical. Because there is no such thing as an impossibility in this enigmatic nation, it is possible to do anything you set your mind to, even your most audacious goals. You have the opportunity to build your very own island, and then you will set out on an adventure to locate a long-forgotten world. The ideal mix of matching and construction games in one exciting package!

As a result of a spell cast by a sorcerer, which stopped all activity on the island, dark clouds have descended upon the once prosperous and magnificent metropolis on this island. These clouds have caused the city to become shrouded in mystery. You were able to find your way into this realm thanks to the power of music, and now, with your ability to combine items and answer riddles, you may be able to help to bring this place back to life.

You can put your abilities to good use by putting together an astounding collection of vintage books, rare flowers, one-of-a-kind architectural masterpieces (such as mobile amusement parks), and breathtaking musical instruments. Beautiful cats and other creatures who have been charmed are currently sleeping, and they are waiting to be awoken to contribute to the regeneration of the island once they are given the opportunity.

Over the course of the game, you will have access to more than 600 different elements, each of which can be combined in a number of different ways. Just observe what happens when you place three of the same thing near one another in the same location. The recovery of this area will be aided by gathering mysterious and cryptic musical notes. Players have the ability to modify or improve their structures as they collect more resources. Is now the right time to start building your dream house, or should you wait? We couldn’t have begun at a more propitious time even if we’d tried our hardest!

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