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Let’s Survive - Survival in zombie apocalypse is a classic zombie action game in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The main character will traditionally have to survive in a world filled with the walking dead, and other hazards. For that he has to perform various tasks, fight with mutants and improve the quality of their shelter. This would be very difficult, because every outing outside will be deadly, but right actions and completing missions will allow the protagonist to live as long as possible.

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Let’s Survive – Survival is a fun survival role-playing game. Take the player to a dangerous world filled with cannibals out to destroy you. It would be best if you overcame thousands of difficult challenges to survive in this world. Find a safe hiding place and make combat weapons to prepare for a fight with the dreadful zombies. The world entered the apocalypse with only death and danger lurking around every corner. Explore an infinite number of battle zones; you must construct a safe hiding place to survive in this world.


When you first start the game, you should first build a safe place to hide and make weapons. The road to survival has never been easy; along the way, you must gather many resources and rare items that will greatly assist you. Do everything yourself to survive, find and create weapons and equipment for combat, and collect many resources to upgrade your character.

A large open world has opened up, which means that death is close at hand; if you are subjective, you can die at any time. Create a safe hiding spot and use the resources you collect to improve your weapons and combat power. Because the game emphasizes strategy, you must know how to plan your battle in the most intelligent way possible. Collaborate with teammates to fight and save the world to bring peace to humanity.


When you receive the assistance of your companions, working together to survive in this world, you are not alone. Because each person will have different fighting abilities and strengths, you must devise a clever strategy, with each person taking on a separate responsibility. Explore an apocalyptic survival adventure by progressing through the plot and completing quests to collect resources.

The game continuously updates the character’s life stats, such as health, hunger, thirst, and radiation level, for players to easily observe. Not allowing the character to go hungry for too long will affect their ability to fight. Starting with the search, don’t forget to bring your weapon, or bloodthirsty zombies will attack you. The line between life and death is very thin when danger is always lurking around, so you must act with them before they find you. Equip yourself with the most powerful armor and combat weapons to destroy your opponents and survive.


The world opens up with a massive battle space, and the fascinating top survival fighting adventure begins. Each player must find a base to hide and equip all combat weapons, armor, vehicles, and other items. The battle for survival has officially begun; take part in the challenge to receive a plethora of resources and rare loot. Upgrade your weapons and begin the terrifying chase. When players face cruel zombies with terrible power, they will have to do everything to destroy them and survive in this world. As you progress through the story, you can unlock new combat weapons and upgrade your vehicles. The game generally provides entertaining moments, but the terrifying chase from bloodthirsty zombies makes it even more appealing.

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