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Kingdom Two Crowns Apk Mod (Unlocked)


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  1. Unlocked
    - Paid content purchased in the game (DLC purchased)

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  • File Size: 796 M
  • Version: 1.1.18

Kingdom Two Crowns - RPG with pixel graphics in which the player must protect the Kingdom from the attacks of hordes of enemies. The role of the ruler of territories the user will go to the borders of the state where it will expect the enemy army. Using their skills the main character can defend and drive out the enemy. In addition to participating in the clashes there also will deal with the study of locations and extraction of resources. In addition to the single-player mode the gamer can also participate in co-op on the same device with a friend.

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Kingdom Two Crowns brings you a micro-strategy game designed with minimalism but packed with beautiful pixel art. When stepping into this unique journey, players transform into the role of a righteous king who headed the kingdom in the early days of construction. You will have to use all your abilities to be able to call the people back to you. Besides, here also exist enemies with evil purposes to sabotage your plan.


With each new version released, Kingdom Two Crowns always gives you new areas for you to explore freely. This adventure will come to life more and more with the new Nordic land, which is inspired by the Norse Viking culture of 1000 AD. For the uninitiated, this new land is the first Premium DLC featuring a downright bizarre biome.


Not only that, but Kingdom Two Crowns also gives you even more unique experiences as citizen houses can now be built from an exceptional place. Although the wandering camps have been ruined, it seems that this place will be abandoned and no one will affect it anymore, but with this new version, players can take advantage of them from these ruins. In addition, we allow you to recruit more citizens, although at a higher price due to the rugged terrain to work with.


Now, you’re dressing up as the head of your own kingdom. However, this place has just been discovered by you and started to build, so there are still many hardships, difficulties, and difficult challenges waiting for you ahead. In order to make this place more and more developed and successful, the summoning of people plays a vital role. Use your clear eyes to see who is loyal to recruit.


In Kingdom Two Crowns, the against are greedy people with no good intentions. They are blatant money thieves who fear no one, even challenging players to catch them to take advantage of the opportunity to rob your crown. They just wait for the player’s successful property, then attack and rob, so be careful.


Enter the campaign mode to embark directly on real-time empire-building. The enemy has just died, but the kingdom is also unaffected. Maintain it for as long as possible until you can find the easiest way to defeat Greed. Along with that is the opportunity to explore the new riding environment along with the mysteries behind the deep forest.


However, Kingdom Two Crowns not only in the context of traditional medieval alone, but we also give you the land of strange furthermore allows players spoiled delight conquer. It is dead land, which is known as the darkest place of this Kingdom. Never before have you stepped foot into a more spooky world than this. Not only that, Shogun is an exciting journey when inspired by Japanese culture from feudal times.

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