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Drastic DS Emulator Apk Mod (Mega Mod)


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DraStic DS Emulator is a Nintendo DS emulator application. This is Nintendo DS gaming software for Android devices. With top-notch functions from this app, users can play NDS games without a hitch. You will experience the best games like on a real console. You probably already know that the DS used to be the hottest handheld gaming device in the world. Now, this is the application for you to experience hot games on your phone.


It is a game that attracts many players partly thanks to its excellent gameplay, compelling storyline, and top-notch graphics. This can be said to be an excellent application to support graphics. It can support increasing the game’s 3D graphics quality to 2 times the original resolution. This is probably what every gamer wants to have a game with excellent graphics. However, to get the best experience with this application, you need to understand it better. This feature works best on quad-core devices and above.


Not all android devices are suitable for this software. However, users can change the size of the application to work best on their devices. You can freely customize the position of the DS screen depending on the resolution of your device. You can optionally change the DraStic DS Emulator from single monitor mode to dual monitor mode. Users can also customize between landscape mode and portrait mode.


DraStic DS Emulator is the best emulator ever. It will help you to experience NDS games with smooth speed and great resolution. In addition, users can get full utility support when using this application. When experiencing the conveniences that this software offers, you will control it with the handle. In addition, users can physically control devices such as Nvidia Shield, Xperia Play. Of course, you will be fully supported on the controller.


When starting to use any application, users may be unfamiliar with and encounter minor problems. However, with this software, you will use it with handy instructions. Users can easily change the virtual keyboard of this emulator to match your control style. With this application, users will save and continue the game progress very simply.


When using the DraStic DS Emulator, users will be supported to backup game progress on Google Drive. This application comes with a database containing thousands of cheat codes. You can fine-tune your gaming experience based on that cheat code base. Sounds interesting. It’s simple to use, and you need to go to drastic no license settings. This application will automatically recognize the game and give the appropriate cheat code.


When participating in various games. With the inherent data of your android device. When encountering games that require a lot of space, it will make your phone lag, and the game experience is not good. However, as long as you use this software, it will help you speed up the game and experience it in the best way. Not only that, this software allows you to hide the touch, virtual keyboard and rotate the screen as you like.


You are worried when using this software, and it will bring you unnecessary troubles. Don’t worry, because the manufacturer has made the software and limited errors in the best way. The number of errors has been minimized to a minimum. It can be said that this application does not have any errors. It is compatible with up to 99% of current NDS ROMs.


This is definitely the best app for android devices that you shouldn’t miss. It can be said that its fee is suitable to bring you great experiences. It’s worth it. If you are not sure about the emulator, check out the demo version for a better understanding. It will allow you to evaluate the emulator working on your device.

With a simple and easy-to-use interface, it also has higher customizations for you to experience the game. This is probably the best emulator. With more than 1 million downloads and most of this app receives positive reviews and feedback. Until now, the DraStic DS Emulator has done as well as possible to serve users. The application has solutions to fix problems on Samsung Galaxy S20 phones and Chromebook x86.

Mod Features:

  1. Easy to operate
  2. Download DS Games
  3. Modify Visuals
  4. Enhance Audio
  5. Accelerate your gameplay
  6. Modify Controls
  7. Get Hacks
  8. Save progress
  9. Premium Features
  10. No advertisement


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