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Battle of Heroes 3 Apk Mod (Menu Mod)


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Mod Info

  1. Menu Mod
  2. Immortality mode
  3. Great damage
  4. Unlimited skills

Game Info

  • File Size: 45 M
  • Version: 3.98

BG 3: Defense of the Kingdom is an RPG with strategy elements in which the player will defend the royal territories from an impending threat. In the role of a mercenary, the user will go to a world that has recently experienced a long war. After a brief lull, the kingdom was attacked again, and the main character will have to defend it. To fight opponents, the character will use combat and magic skills, as well as get items and weapons. It is worth noting that the game contains elements of Tower Defense, which greatly diversifies the gameplay and will give new sensations from the battles.

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The hero is recruited to serve as a mercenary on the front lines of the kingdom’s defenses. Participate in battles and cast spells, discover new areas of the fantasy realm, and improve your defenses. Waves of enemy assaulting border holdings may be contained with the assistance of warriors, towers, aura, magic, and other weaponry. Fight the bosses to seize control of the kingdom, but before doing so, ensure you’ve gathered enough resources from the mines.

You may adjust the visibility of the playing field in the settings menu by bringing the camera closer to the action or pushing it further away. You can also change the control mode to strategic by selecting that option. To rotate the camera, you must first hold it in the middle of the screen and then turn it to the left or right. If you wish to move the hero to another device, you will first need to store it in the choices by jotting down the password and login information, and then you will need to upload it in the settings on the other device.

You may play it as a single-player fantasy role-playing game or you can compete against other people. Learn to use your sword and your powers while venturing through a cosmos full of secrets and enigmas. Every day throughout the globe, an event known as the Battle of Heroes takes place, which is described as being strange and odd.

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