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Armed Air Forces-Jet Fighter Flight Simulator - an aviation simulator in which the player will try on the role of a military pilot. The user will be able to try their hand at performing various operations in the airspace, related to the elimination of other fighters and ground equipment, as well as the protection and cover of the allies. To perform a combat mission, the gamer will use one of several presented aircraft, different in characteristics. All models have convenient controls, so everyone can enjoy flying and fighting.

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Armed Air Forces is a simulation game that opens up a vast sky of peace or danger depending on the player’s choice. Players will fly completely impressive fighters, and they are all equipped with weapons that you can use in the dogfight. At the same time, the player also needs to adjust the plane’s balance to perform the actions correctly and not cause the plane to explode.


When players experience Armed Air Forces, they will experience a vast sky with planes of different designs. They will be able to fly to any location they want with their control skills, and of course, controlling it is not simple. At the same time, players will have access to the typical control of simulation games related to flying aircraft.

The control feature of this game is not a joystick or arrows but will be buttons and a gear to control the speed of the plane you are controlling. That also brings certain conveniences and difficulties during the player’s control. Specifically, they are also the ones who control the actions of the aircraft in complete detail, and the problem that many people encounter in this game is the balance factor. If you’re not careful, your plane could explode.


There are two main game modes in Armed Air Forces: free flight and dogfight, and for the first mode, you will try to fly your way while controlling different types of aircraft. At the same time, players will also have certain adjustments in this mode for convenience. You can add some obstacles or enemy planes, and of course, players will usually not add because they want to explore the sky freely.

Since this is a simulation game, surely, players will be able to find some completely realistic problems. Specifically, the aircraft will never be in a stable state, but it may lose balance and lead to an upside down in the air. You will need to pay attention to a problem, especially since the plane’s fuel can completely run out, so you will need to descend to a specific area. Also, if you land upside down, you will see the plane explode.

The next mode that players will surely love is dogfight mode, and it is a mode for you to destroy other enemies in the air. When you fly the fighter, you can see the detailed identification elements, and when the enemy is within your detection range, it will show a red dot. Surely, you will try to approach it carefully and launch powerful attacks and of course, destroying the enemy is not an easy thing.


One of the motivating factors for players to participate in simulation games like Armed Air Forces is the variety of experiences. In other words, players can find many interesting experiences while flying their favorite plane in the air. In particular, the game also offers many different types of fighters, and they all have their looks and weapons. You can certainly change the experience yourself.

Players will control their planes through many different modes to explore their properties, and of course, they will not be able to take their eyes off the fierce air battles. At the same time, similar to other simulation games, this game also allows you to change the perspective from third to first to explore the interior and have an awe-inspiring flying experience. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing the sky from the pilot’s position.

Players will be able to fly fighter planes and participate in multiple game modes:

A vast sky of peace or danger is entirely up to the player’s choice as they fly the fighter planes.

Players will need to adapt to the characteristic controls of the fighter and try to maintain the plane’s balance.

Depending on the mode, players will perform completely different actions, and they certainly won’t want their plane to explode.

The enemies will appear unexpectedly and will be identified through the technology on the plane, and you will try to approach and destroy them.

Players will easily access many different types of aircraft and change their perspective to experience and explore the aircraft’s interior.

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