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Kingdom Wars - strategy type tower defense for Android devices. Her Kingdom was under attack guests from the dark world. Now it is in deadly danger and only the player can solve this problem. To do this, he will destroy the perfect the enemy using defensive structures and combat units. They will confront demons, undead, dragons and other monsters. Each type of soldiers and towers has special abilities that will help in the fight against otherworldly forces.

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Kingdom Wars is a diverse fighting game. Confrontations are tough, with countless enemies to contend with. Each army consisted of hundreds of warriors. Players in Kingdom Wars can show off their strategic abilities. Defeat dangerous bosses as quickly as possible to keep your stronghold safe. Sow terror in the hearts of the enemy. You will face a lot of enemies on this thrilling road. Eliminate your opponents and win. It takes cooperation to launch a deadly attack that leaves no enemies alive to fight back.


Kingdom Wars is still essentially a strategy game, but it has taken the player’s war experience to the next level. Attack your opponent’s fortress and prepare to fight to defend your own. Enemy fire is focused on you. You must maintain a solid defense system because they can attack anytime. To eliminate opponents, use your tactics and a variety of attacks. This game style offers new challenges that must be tackled. Try your best in every battle to achieve your goal. The struggle is described playfully, making for great entertainment.


The player interface and gameplay of the game are both simple. Players can easily participate in each battle, confronting formidable bosses. They will always have many supporters when they plot to overthrow the monarchy. Will you lie down and let them attack, or will you fight back? Coordinate with combat troops to stop all enemy actions. The game’s rules are very simple, and you can win using various strategic fighting techniques. The image and music of the game are of excellent quality. The game’s unique gameplay and unexpected missions will not disappoint you.


While the number of soldiers in each army is important, so is the strategy. Learn the enemy’s weak points and how to attack quickly. Participating in conflicts is not so dangerous at first. The game is simple, and the player can quickly pass the stages. In the later stage, the opponent’s army will significantly increase in number and combat ability. Therefore, players now have to use realistic counter-strategies. To defeat the monsters, use hammers, arrows, and anything else you can think of. However, you will not be as successful in destroying them as you think. They will also launch a counterattack and surround you. Sequential attacks are not always the best option. Perfect tactics also involve organizing and coordinating defensive troops and foreseeing and evading attacks.


Many of your friends and heroes are about to rush into battle. Join your army to fight your common enemy. Players will take command of an army and work together to plan attacks on the opponent. The game will have two competing factions: monsters and warriors. Any monster can create a strategy to take down the castle. You never know what will happen, and unexpected events will always happen. You will have to make quick decisions and figure out how to act. Only then can effective countermeasures be waged against the new adversaries. There is a lot of work to be done, and if you want to win quickly, you will need a lot of warriors.


The basic objective is to keep the castle safe from any enemies. Don’t forget to stock up on valuables and currency. With those players, the player’s power can be raised, and other soldiers can be purchased. Create a powerful army capable of fierce combat. New warriors will have access to a variety of abilities and weapons. Increase the flexibility of your battle formation; Arranging your forces will determine which enemy you send your troops against. At the end of each game, Kingdom Wars provides a fixed amount of gold. Cooperate to collect and get more wealth, allowing you to finance each war more easily and efficiently.

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