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Shadow Stickman: Dark rising – Ninja warriors v1.0.5 Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

You are born to be the warriors in the world filled with darkness and mighty opponents. Be
ready to wipe out all cruel monsters and become greatest guardian of Stickman’s Land!

It is 3000 A.D, a might wizard opened the Gate of light, releasing the 4 nature elements to
protect the peace of Stickman’s Land. When the Wizard reached his limit, he used his last
drops of power to try opening the gate of light to seek for more power. But, the worst
happened! A colossal flow of dankness imprisoned for several thousand years burst out and plunged into the soul of the wizard. Once again, The stickman’s land was fill with dankness like the distant past and covered by dangerous groups of monster with incredible power….

Last hope for this world is our ninja warriors!

In this warrior game you will find:

– Over 50 cruel monster enemies to battle and create stickman legends
– 4 ninja heroes styles representing 4 natural elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air in an
exciting and mysterious journey to protect the life on Stickman’s Land.
– Over 50 special stages with ultimate challenges that put your heroes near the brink of death.


The ninja warrior has to beat all the monsters that are constantly attacking him. Using
buttons on the right to slash the monsters. Using buttons on the left to run. You’ll experience
intense sensation with tons of diversified attacks, levitation, multiple skills.


You’ll be stunned with amazing graphics of this game containing ecstatic themes (dead field, dark forest, runins battle, black gate,…) and powerful magic with fabulous sounds. You’ll impressed by visual effect in the battles of this fighter action game.


Behind 4 big heroes, you might need the help of support heroes to slay the most dangerous enemies. Flexibly using multiple skills of big heroes and support heroes, Beat all the monsters and become the champion!


– Impressive graphics and sounds
– Visual experience
– Ability to upgrade heroes

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Shadow Stickman: Dark rising – Ninja warriors v1.0.5 Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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