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XD UNLIMITED v1.13.1 Mod Apk

“This fist, nor this game, Symphogear’s Tsu !!!”

Including the anime “Symphogear” series, the original story of just this work
“I can play at any time” in the smartphone
Symphonic battle RPG “Symphogear XD UNLIMITED” finally appeared!

— theme song —

Heki Yuki / Nana Mizuki / Ayayo Takagaki / Yoko Hikasa / Yoshino Nanjō / Ai Kayano / Minami Takayama / Yuka Iguchi / Yui Horie

— fight along with the song! Symphonic Battle RPG! —
Muso through in Norido flashy deathblow to over song
The original just like making full use of new mortal work of deathblow and game Original
We will confront the threat looming along with the Sosha us!

— relive the original! Furthermore, through the Gyararuhorun “parallel world”! —
We are the original relive Anime Phase 3 minutes “main quest”
Draw a daily that was Sosha us of being full of harmony “side quests”
“Event Quest” of the original game to be deployed through the parallel world

— you only the music box! —
Music can be put in hand and to achieve a variety of conditions!
All of the music effect in the music box is reflected in the battle!
It attracted a lot of music, trying to strengthen the music effect!

[Recording the song]
“Absolute sword-Amaha people Zan”
“Mayumi Ichiibaru”
“I believe in justice, clenched by”
“Bye-Bye Lullaby”
“Rebirth G-beat”
“Overkill size Hell”
“Genocide Saw Heaven”
“Gin’ude-Agato alarm”
“Order of the Phoenix Furanme”
… etc.

— Sosha each other dream of the battle! —
In the “Battle Arena”, it is possible to fight with the national players of the party!
Chance to test your skills or boast of the party that has been trained to-class to anywhere!
Symphogear instrumentation who of battle by the “dream of the party” versus “dream of the party” is a must-see!


Mod Info:

  • Weak Enemies
  • Disarmed Enemies


  • Not Responsible For Any Bans

Download links:

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XD UNLIMITED v1.13.1 Mod Apk

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