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– WESTERN DEADSHOT is 1 to 1 based top-viewed action multiplay game.

◆ Game background story

At the end of the Western pioneering period, the new government secured a stable base of support.

But the existence of many outlaws is still a headache for the government.

As a result, the government announced that outlaws with bounties would fight each other, and that the last one would receive money and grant amnesty for the crimes so far.

The outlaws in the United States are gathering in the ‘Funta Islands’, an artificial island created by the government to become the last one.

◆ Main object

As a western gunman, the player must win the victory over the enemy.

You can quickly find the bullet and eliminate the enemy to survive.

WESTERN DEADSHOT’s unique system ‘Dead Eye’ can inflict critical damage on your opponent.

However, as time passes, safety zones become narrower and match becomes more intense.

The thing is player only have one life and it won’t finish till defeat them all or die.

◆ Main features

– Each character has their own ability and attribute.

– 3 different guns can be chosen according to your play style.

– Our unique system called ‘DEAD EYE’ will gives exciting experiences.

◆ Caution!

– This app is currently using google game service server and it will automatically disconnect when you leave the game.

– Please note that in-app purchased items can not be restored when game data is initialized.

– Malicious behavior like using crack or abusing bugs can be reported.
If you noticed any illegal cracked version of this game, please contact us via e-mail address right below.
Otherwise, the data can be reset immediately without any warning.

Official page : http://cafe.naver.com/oneshotofficial

Bug report : projectoneshot2017@gmail.com


Mod Info:

  • Unlocked

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