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PaniPani – Parallel Nix Pandora Night – v1.9.1 Mod Apk

Let’s go on a new adventure!

New sensation 2D action RPG appeared!

■ Easy battle with easy operation ■
Run around the field with a single finger, activate a brilliant combo with one tap!
Enjoy an exhilarating battle in an endlessly expanded world!

■ Degree of grinding 1000% New sensory skill system ■
It gets stronger as you do it! The character grows enough to get involved
Let’s challenge a lot of things and win new skills!

■ A story that interwoven characters characterize
In addition to the twelve manipulable, plus individual character characters that color stories!
There is a familiar somewhere, but a magnificent story drawn on the setting of a place of a different world walking for the first time.
Can you protect the precious person and reach the truth of the world! What?

■ Cooperative play with up to 4 people ■
More fun if you play with everyone! More nice!
Chat and stamps which communication is improved are enriched, too!
Cooperate with encouraging colleagues to challenge the enemy!

– Provided by Coropler Corporation –


Mod Info:

  • Pretty High Damage – 1 hit kill
  • God Mode – Enemy deals 1 damage

Be aware that the damage may be shown to other players too and GOD MODE isnt applied to obstacles that may hurt you !

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PaniPani – Parallel Nix Pandora Night – v1.9.1 Mod Apk

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