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Augmented Reality Girls Trinary v1.2.2 Mod Apk

◆ cross-link application & animation woven by five girls ◆
● Game introduction ●
“With your love, I will expand.”
A smartphone application that allows you to love a fighting girl

◆ Overview
KOEI TECMO GAMES and TOEI ANIMATION sell new original content by fusion of application and animation.

The five heroines belonging to the Special Force “Trainer” confront against the mysterious phenomenon “Phenomenon” threatening Tokyo in 2016!
You are supporter to support such hearts.
Let’s support their hearts from the front and from Ula, while worrying in the battle but progressing forward.

◆ Story (Anime)
Extended Girls Trainer is a new content linked “app” and “animation”.
In animation, the trainee’s image of fighting to solve “Phenomenon” and the calm daily scenes that they weave are drawn.

Animation is a short animation format of around 5 minutes, and a new story is distributed every week.

◆ Story (application)
You can see in the game the little everyday things not drawn in animation and the troubles they are unable to know.
Please learn more deeply about them through a small everyday life and get close to each other.
If your support gets to the heroine ‘s heart, they will be stronger.

◆ Battle
In the battle, troubles and trauma of the heroine embodies as an enemy, and it goes around in her heart.
Let’s defend her heart by dive into the hero’s heart and cooperate with friends called servant crun to defeat the enemy.

◆ Train servant clans and support them
A servant clan is a companion that can be obtained with battle rewards and gacha (free or charged) etc, and it becomes easier to develop the battle because it becomes stronger when it is nurtured.
Also, some game stories have something that you can not see unless you clear the “mission” prepared for the battle.
Organizing a stronger servant clan is the key to the strategy, so let’s actively foster it.

[Supported OS version]
Android OS 4.4 or higher
* Please understand that we can not provide support other than supported OS version.

【About Notice】
You can also check notices in the game on the official website.


Mod Info:

  • Weaken the enemy

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Augmented Reality Girls Trinary v1.2.2 Mod Apk

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