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  1. Unlimited Bullet

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Modern Strike Online – mobile analogue of the popular Counter-Strike. This is a mixture of adrenaline and all the familiar atmosphere, which has in its Arsenal chic three-dimensional graphics, which will appeal to all fans of the confrontation between terrorists and special forces.

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As an analogue on the PC, the game is a multiplayer first-person shooter, which combines thoughtful mechanics of the characters, realistic visual component, as well as high-quality sound. Battles take place online, so the user will play with real people. Participating in the battles the user will receive game money. With their help, you can buy new equipment and weapons, as well as upgrade the existing Arsenal. The controls are very comfortable – enough two fingers for comfortable shooting.

There is also a system of donation, which can instantly improve equipment and weapons. As a result – a classic shooter, not inferior to his brother. Skillfully recreate the atmosphere, gameplay and sound of the creators of Modern Strike Online came out clearly. It remains only to enjoy the result.

If you are looking to relieve stress with intense games, then Modern Strike Online will be one of your top choices. When coming to this world, players immerse themselves in guns and grenades. The game takes the first-person perspective in parallel, with which the aiming images of the gun are simulated vividly. Not only that, you can play alone or with many other friends in massive terrorist battles.


Now, Modern Strike Online gives you a unique enhancement with a new version called “Operation Boreas”. We have brought this a gift to players with many brand new additions. You have the opportunity to own more new weapons such as MSG90, Fabarm. It carries in itself, but the extraordinary power is many times more than traditional weapons. Not only that, but you also have additional effective support from Logan characters along with the safety of Snowfighters Helmet.

Not stopping there, we also bring players a unique and impressive world. Specifically, you have a separate store with new year-end deals when buying ammunition and weapons. Besides, you can also grasp more loot originating from the enemy thanks to the collection during the battle they have dropped. What could be better than killing the enemy while winning the loot?


Not only that, but Modern Strike Online also gives you unconditional daily gifts. As long as you join and fight, they will surely belong to your personal treasure immediately. Besides, players can also receive more epic prizes related to upgrading the hero’s strength if they can successfully complete the daily killing missions.


The main addition to strength and increasing the ability to win in terror with the enemy is how Modern Strike Online can ignore the cool weapons. More than 50 types of guns with a variety of positive features will support you to the fullest. From pistols, rifles to machine guns or even swat pistols are always ready for you to join and use. Players can freely choose and change the parameters of the gun to better suit the enemy and the battlefield situation.


Many different game modes welcome you to battle. One of them is the TDM battles. Here, the number of armies fighting is two teams with the traditional goal of destroying each other’s opponents. Now, use your guns with light steps, detect your opponent’s location, and surprise attack when you can’t resist. If they win, their battlefield will be yours within a moment.


Another unique mode if you join Modern Strike Online, is definitely not to be missed. What we are talking about is Plant the bomb battle, where the terrorist team will proceed to plant a bomb, which is a bomb that has a very dangerous countdown timer. Your task is with the task force to try to prevent it from exploding at all costs. Not stopping it, we also have another stressful mode for you, Special OPS operations that bring to a single round, whoever dies first loses.

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