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King’s Raid v2.93.0 (Mod Apk)

Game Features
[Realistic Actions
Action is sincere enough!
The feast of different skills heroes unfold unfold!

[Diverse content;
Fight alone is still not satisfied?
So we have prepared! True dungeon, strengthening, nurturing, competition, all the
It can be found in the King’s Raid.


Mod Info:

Increase Damage (Physical/Magical)
  • ON: BGM Volume ≥ 50
  • OFF: BGM Volume < 50
Increase Defense (Physical/Magical)
  • ON: Effect Sound Volume ≥ 50
  • OFF: Effect Sound Volume < 50

Download links:

Mod 1:

  • God Mode (PvE)
  • Enemies low HP
  • Instant Win/Autowin (no Enemies, run & win)
  • Unlimited Skills & more (only for VIPs – check below!)


  • Do not use cheats in the tutorial!
  • Do not mix Autowin with other cheats!
  • Load the cheat you want before you start a fight!
  • If you see double cheat buttons please remove the game and install it fresh.
  • Don’t touch Raid & Hell Mode with Cheats ON to avoid getting banned!

Download links Mod 1:

Mod v2:

  • x10 attack def and hp
  • How to gain these by equip item and turn on BGM in sound settings Turn BGM off for normal stats. Please note might have to do 1 battle for mods to activate and de-activate

Download links Mod 2:

Mod 3:

  • ModMenu
  • To enable the menu click back button
  • To close menu click back button
  • Also dragable (mean can move anywhere)
  • Please not for instawin turn off LowHp

Included in menu:

  • LowHp (enemy health low 1hit kill)
  • NoAttack (Enemy do no damage)
  • InstantWin (No enemy on map)
  • No skill CD (Skill use no cooldown)
  • Mana (Don’t need mana)
  • x10 stats (All item stats included in this 1) <– Need to do 1 battle before active

Download links Mod 3:

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King’s Raid v2.93.0 (Mod Apk)

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